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Dr. Sayeg and the dental assistant went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. I had 4 fillings done at one appt. and they were great about making sure I was doing okay.
Mary Kay T

It’s like having a friend working on you.

Robert B

Toddler’s First Visit I’ve been going to Dr Sayeg for over 10 years and took my 2 1/2 year old daughter in for her first visit. I was expecting a “Terrible Two Temper Tantrum”, but was pleasantly surprised that she allowed them to look at her mouth and even brush her teeth a little. Overall I thought it was a good first visit and hope that this will break the ice for her cleaning in a few months.

Katherine B

Dear Dr. Sayeg,

I just want to say thank you for the dental work you and your staff provided me in the previous weeks. As you well know, I had neglected my dental care for many years due to a very traumatic experience that you and I have discussed. This grew into a fear that I was unable to overcome. I was to the point that I could no longer smile around my family and friends.

After countless late night hours of searching the many websites for dental care I kept coming back to your website which was somehow reassuring and gave me the confidence to call your office for an appointment. I must say, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Dr. Sayeg the caring and compassion of you and your staff is second to none. My only regret is not having you as my dental professional many years earlier. You are truly a “master” of your trade.

Again, many thanks to you and your wonderful staff for restoring my confidence in sharing a smile.

You sir, do indeed epitomize the term “painless dentistry.”


Dan S.



I’ve been coming to this office for over 20 years! Dr. Sayeg and his staff are always welcoming and try to make the experience the most comfortable it can be.

Bruce J

The staff could not be more considerate and attentive. Rebecca is so sweet to help me out with the payments. I appreciate Dr. Sayeg’s willingness to break up a bill up over 3 months. That is very helpful and accommodating.
Thank you very much

Julie S

Don’t change a thing … love coming to your office! Great coffee, and warm, smiling faces make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. Thank you for caring so much about your patients!

Cynthia C

The best part is that both, Dentist and Assistant are very focus in what they are doing, they take their time and won’t leave you until you feel absolutely comfortable with what they did, and most important, they take pride in what they do, they do it well. They made me feel like a person rather than a number.

Maria L

As a new patient, I found Dr. Sayeg and his staff to be friendly, considerate, and professional. Dr. Sayeg cosmetically repaired several of my chipped and damaged front teeth. Literally, as his branding suggests, he “transformed my smile”. He spared no effort to achieve his objectives, I am pleased with the results. I now realize that Dr. Sayeg’s slogan “Start Smiling” is not a gimmicky slogan to him, it is his professional philosophy. He truly wants his patients to be pleased with his dental artistry and proud enough of his work to smile with confidence.
Janet F

My 3 1/2 year old was there for his second visit, and he remembered the staff, what to do, and even wanted to go back to have his teeth tickled (cleaned) on his own. The entire staff is absolutely amazing!

Pierson W

I appreciated the fact that I just stopped in without an appointment because of a broken tooth and the staff quickly worked me in to see the Doc. That kind of accomodation is somewhat rare these days.

Lee H

Lory was outgoing, friendly and professional, just like everyone at Dr. Sayeg’s office. I’m glad my girlfriend introduced me to the team. By far the best dental experience I have ever had.

Todd S

Service was wonderful, you and ypour staff were sweet,welcoming and kind. Ifelt comfortable and you were gentle, and caring. I couldn’t ask for more.Sending my mother in law and anyone else I can..

Vickie K.

Your practice is excellent. Dr. Sayeg’s dedication to excellence is very much appreciated.His willingness to go the extra mile has won him a patient for life! Also, his assistant,Shinney, puts a warm, professional and comforting face to the details of my procedures.You have a treasure in this lady – be sure to acknowledge her!

The mix of friendliness and “knows your stuff” professionalism will keep me coming back and, of course, always recommending to my friends and family!

Marlee F.

What a wonderful practice! Everyone was awesome! Great care and everyone was so honest, it was refreshing to find a dentist that is not all about making money. The team actually cares about the patient.

I’ve already told several people to come see you!

Kristin V.

Thank you to Dr. Sayeg and the exceptional Start Smiling team. I smile every time I walk in their door, and now my smile shines even brighter because of them! With their guidance, I made the decision to have bonding done nearly 6 years ago, and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am thankful for their continuous expertise, professionalism, and support.

Mandy R.

This was the BEST experience I have EVER had at a dentist’s office. I love the fact that the dentist was so personable and took the time to talk to me and check in on me throughout the appointment. I also appreciate the extra care that EVERYONE I met in the office took to make me feel comfortable. Thank you ALL so much.

Alysha M.

Dr. Sayeg and this staff are the greatest! You guys take an uncomfortable situation and make it most pleasant, I mean really who looks forward to seeing their dentist? But it’s never a dread or apprehension or just an “okay dentist appointment” and it’s been that way from the beginning. Thanks again I really appreciate you!

Pam C.

The staff at Dr. Sayeg’s office is friendly and warm,I always receive a great cleaning, and I would gladly refer friends and family to the practice!

Dana U.

The office has a very positive and upbeat atmosphere.The staff is polite and ready to help. Very pleasant experience….I wish all doctor’s offices were like this!

Angela F.

My experience was FABULOUS!!!! Everyone was helpful and courteous. I told everyone I came in contact with how impressed I was with the office, staff and care. Thank You!

Kristy R.

All of the staff at your office are excellent and always very friendly, this was the first time having Lory clean my teeth, and I was very pleased with the experience.

Sharon B.

Thank you so much for fixing the dark tooth (and that little tooth scar I had forever)! When I was told by my office that I had to be video taped, I got anxiety thinking that I would be shown on video looking like that, and it has been bothering me for such a long time.

I also want to thank you for listening to me, I have been through a lot trying to get my teeth functional and spend a lot of money to achieve that goal. I just want my teeth to be functional, feel and look good. Thanks again!

Chris C.

For the first time in 35 years I am finally pain free!I have spent thousands of dollars on dental work in hopes of ending consistent and excruciating pain. Within minutes you diagnosed and corrected the problem. Dr. Sayeg,to you and your entire staff I say thank you for a job well done!!!

With a grateful heart,

Kayla M.

You guys do a great job! Everyone is so nice and I never feel like you are rushing through my dental exam to get to the next patient.

Linda C.

I was reminded again why Dr. Sayeg is my dentist. I trust Dr. Sayeg. There are dentists just across the street from my office (at Colony Square) and your office is in a very congested area. But unlike a previous dentist, I can totally trust Dr. Sayeg. He was honest with me and did not recommend a root canal that wasn’t necessary. I do not question Dr. Sayeg’s judgment and I recommend him to all my friends.

David D.

I really enjoyed my visit. The staff is very friendly and I feel at home there. Even though I only see them every 6 months, I feel like they remember me and welcome me back. Thanks for the continued great service!

Michelle R.

I have never understood why many people fear going to their Dentist. In well over 20 years, I have never had a bad experience at Dr. Sayeg’s office. All of my visits have always been handled promptly, professionally and courteously.Thanks Dr. Sayeg!

Allan T.

I would never go to a dentist that I did not feel I could refer someone to them and I like to think I use the best dentist. I referred my son-in-law two years ago to get his teeth fixed before the wedding and they looked great. Everyone there is always delightful and helpful.

Matt M.

liked meeting with the dentist in his office and talking before he got started working. I also like how he discussed cost and insurance beforehand.The waiting room was very comfortable, especially the portable heater! The woman who took my x-rays was very friendly and talkative as well as the dentist. I was satisfied with the doctor’s care and other attention to detail. Thanx!!!

Jeanna F.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life with a beautiful new smile, thanks to you! I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it is to have a reason to smile. You’ve done a wonderful job and it’s actually been a pleasure to go to your office-really!

Warm regards,
Anne H.

Thank you so much for meeting me at the office on Saturday to replace my temporary crown. Truly above and beyond the call of duty! I’m so glad we are all at Dr. Sayeg’s for dental care and we look forward to many more years together. Thanks!

Bob S.

You did my implants 12 years ago and it was by far the smartest thing I’ve ever done for myself. It made a huge difference in my appearance and how I feel about myself. I can also eat anything I want to – apples, steak, whatever! Thank you Dr. Sayeg!

Sara I.

I have been a patient since you opened your practice twenty-nine years ago and will be as long as you continue to practice – or I die! You have always been very nice to my wife and me and have saved us a lot of expense. Thanks,

Larry & Nell N.

Mark, you and your team are exemplary of true professionalism…to say I am a nervous person about getting anything done is put mildly…You and your staff always calm me down and make me feel I am in the best of care…none better. Mark, you can not retire or I am done needing dentistry…Bob’s law. My highest respect,

Bob B.

I was really pleased with my visit. I was brought back to meet with Dr. Sayeg at 2:00pm on the dot, the time of my appointment. The staff was very friendly and explained everything that was being done. I have never felt so welcomed at a medical office before in my life! I would recommend Dr. Sayeg’s office to anyone!

Andrea A.

Dr. Mark,
It was so great seeing you all the other day, and I got so many compliments from old friends in Madison and at the lake as they hadn’t seen the finished product. The entire experience was exemplary from start to finish, and I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding care all of you give your patients. It was worth flying back and forth from Rhode Island! I highly recommend you at every opportunity. Again, it was wonderful seeing you.

Your over-the-top, more than satisfied patient.

Marcie M.

I love my smile now. I do not hide my mouth behind my hands when speaking with strangers. I used to do that all the time. I know that my smile is beautiful; thanks to Dr. Sayeg. I smile at everyone at work and church.I have been told I have a very cute smile. The best reaction was that of my family’s.

Melissa B.

Hey Dr. Sayeg,

I hope your day is going well. If not, maybe this will help… I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note. You put veneers on my teeth, what 10-15 years ago?

Anyway, you probably don’t remember but after 6 months, one of them had a slight discoloration. You honored your guarantee and replaced it free of charge. Since then, everything is holding up nicely and they still look great. You did an excellent job and I like to give credit where it is due. Quality work is hard to find in any industry these days. You can count me as a satisfied patient. I have probably smiled a couple hundred thousand times since I left your office and smiling is definitely contagious.

Have a great day.

Scott S.

I think that you guys do a great job. I appreciate the level of service you give every time I am in there. I like how you explain my options and what needs to be done now and what work can wait. You do a great job of explaining the pricing and how you can accommodate the patient should they need a payment plan. I would not change a thing, just that you continue to provide the excellent service you currently give. I will definitely refer anyone who is looking for a great dentist.

Bradley C.

I cannot imagine how the entire experience, or any detail, could be improved. This is, by far, the best dental practice/experience I have ever encountered. You all should be very, very proud.

David S.

Dr. Sayeg,

I am writing to thank you for a really great experience at your office!! I came in today really terrified and apprehensive-almost turned around in the parking lot to come home. I left feeling so lucky that I have finally found the one dentist who has changed my attitude. Wouldn’t it be funny if I turned out to be a good patient!!?? I want to compliment you on your great office and super staff. The attitude of everyone, from my first phone, through today, is exceptional. Everyone makes me feel like I’m important and that they all care about delivering outstanding treatment.

As for you-I trust you completely, and know that I will be in great shape by the time this long treatment period is completed. You also have a great touch and I was comfortable the entire time. I appreciate being sent to the Endodontist first, and your conservative approach. It’s obvious that you “know your stuff” and that you won’t compromise your treatment plan-even if your patient is difficult.

Thanks again-I’m actually looking forward to my next visit.

Yours Truly,
Peg P.

Overall, I love Dr. Sayeg’s office and everyone who works
there. I have come to look forward to my visits!

Sheila B.

I cannot imagine how the entire experience, or any detail, could be improved. This is, by far, the best dental practice/experience I have ever encountered. You all should be very, very proud.

David S.

Kim is my hygienist and she is delightful to deal with. I arrived at my first appointment completely terrified, but everyone in your office is so pleasant and the atmosphere is very relaxing. It makes going to the dentist a happy thought instead of a scary one. I especially love the paraffin wax on the cold fall appointments. That’s always the way I win the “my dentist is cooler than your dentist” conversations. Keep up the great work.

Samantha M.

People were very nice. Everything was explained to me very well. The price of everything was explained very well before anything was done.I was able to work out a payment plan which was very helpful. Not everyone has the money to pay for everything at once. He was very concerned about making sure I was not in any pain during and after to procedure.

Jonathan T.

All the staff is rays of sunshine. I could visit y’all weekly (but am glad I don’t have to!). Keep up the great work; you set the highest standards, one all enterprises should aspire to.

Ella D.

If there were room for any improvement, I would be astonished. As always, staff and service is perfect.

Susan B.

I had a wonderful visit and everyone was so accommodating to my son who is very young. Thank you for being so kind. Great office and love the beverage bar in the waiting room! I also liked the sit down consultation before I went to the chair. It made it very personal. See you in a few weeks for my next appointment.

Meganne H.

I have been a patient for 24 years, just continue to do what you have always done cause it’s working!!! No changes needed. Everything is wonderful!!!

Margaret K.

Dr. Sayeg and Staff,

I would like to thank you and your staff so very much for the wonderful job that you did today on my smile. After looking at my teeth a hundred times today (smile), I realized how much better I could look (and feel). Your wonderful staff that was able to help me overcome my anxiety and, answer the questions that I had on the procedures.

Again, thank you so very much.

Barbara C.

I think you all are the best, and I am telling everyone. I will entrust my daughter to your care also. I feel that you truly care about healing your patients!

Corinna M.

As always, the service I received was spectacular. I enjoy the personalized touch and seeing the same faces on every visit which is quite reassuring.

Carey M.

I apologize for not recalling everyone’s name, but overall from the receptionist to the dentist I could not have asked for a more friendly and professional staff to encounter. Everyone was extremely positive, helpful, knowledgeable, and simply made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Thank you for such a wonderful experience! I have been raving to friends and family about the clinic and my wonderful experience. Thanks!

Monica H.

Excellent service and competences + high standards of

Sylvie R.

I came in a little wary after a bad visit at another clinic and not only did you put me at ease but that was also addressed by several people. Nice of you to take notes about patients concerns and then follow up on them!

Anita C.

I’ve been so scared to go back to the dentist…I really appreciate Dr. Sayeg, Kim and Shinny for helping me get through that fear! I’m looking forward to seeing y’all in 6 months for my next cleaning!

Cyrena G.

What a difference! I felt like I went to the spa instead of the dentist! It was wonderful! The staff makes you feel like they are family! Thank you!!

Donna A.



The best dental experience I’ve had! Very relaxing environment,everyone was very patient and calm (no urgency), and Dr. Sayeg amazed me with how much time he spent with me – very nice. Shinny was great and friendly.

Jennifer D.

Great office. Very comfortable, love the water/coffee option. Love watching a movie while I get my teeth cleaned! Referring my husband and mother to your office.

Amy H.

Great first visit. I am looking forward to my consultation in the coming weeks. I can honestly say that it was the best experience I have had visiting a dentist. I also thank Carissa for suggesting that I visit your office.

Doug T.

The team is very professional, but most importantly they are very personal and sensitive when it comes to the patient condition/needs. I appreciate that.

Elizabeth G.

Both Lori and Dr. Sayeg did a great job of making my 3 year old son feel comfortable on his very first visit to the dentist. Thanks so much!

Paula F.

My family lives in Cumming and I work from home now, but
I can’t imagine using another dentist.

Chris M.

Dear Dr. Sayeg & Staff,

The first day that I came into your office, I felt as though, we were at home. The water, the drinks, and especially the coffee. Everyone is always nice and very helpful. “I thank god for you and your staff”, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take care of my teeth. I have a ways to go with service, and I enjo every minute of the pampering you give.
If you ever need someone to clean your office I will be glad to…Thank you so much for everything,

Pamela W.

Fabulous in every way. Felt the doctor didn’t just go through the motions. Really top notch and would highly recommend to anyone looking for dental assistance.

Kelly M.

Everyone was as nice as they could be. It would be great to be treated like that by people everywhere I went.

Larry N.

Excellent first impression! I felt very cared for in my initial exam and cleaning. The entire visit was extremely comprehensive and the staff was very welcoming and professional.

Regina M.

My experiences with Dr. Sayeg and his staff has always been a pleasure! Everyone is very accommodating, courteous and friendly. As a matter of fact, I sent in a referral the other day, and I am proud to refer Dr. Sayeg to anyone that asks.

Lisa W.

I liked the paraffin hand wax, it was really nice and moisturizing…something I should do more often for myself but don’t have the time for these days with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. Thank you for a little “me time” with my dental visit.

Jasmine W.

Everything went well during my first visit. Everyone was nice and professional. I was impressed with the technology used during the visit. Thanks also for the paraffin wax treatment…nice touch!

Susan H.

This was my first visit with Dr. Sayeg but it will definitely not be my last. The staff is great, the atmosphere was wonderful and I absolutely loved the paraffin wax; it was an excellent bonus to an already wonderful visit!

Latosha M.

Excellent, professional, and personal care. As an extremely anxious patient, I found your informational approach and your calm demeanor and your staff to be the reason why I will return for my next visits.

Rosemary P.

It was a great experience. Being in the healthcare field, I greatly appreciated the time taken by Dr. Sayeg during consultation, the professionalism of the staff and the appearance of the office. Many thanks.

Kirk H.

Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff.I can tell that everyone there truly cares about their job and their performance shows it.

Jonathan F.

You and your office did an outstanding job. It totally changes my feelings about my future dental visits.

Janet L.

I am always very very nervous when you mention the word dentist. When I entered the office I ask a lady in the lobby how long has she been coming, once she said 15 years I was sold. The Dr and staff were very nice and made me feel comfortable.

Gina S.

I have been visiting Dr. Sayeg’s office for about 14 years now. It is the most warm and welcoming office I have ever been in. The experience is so good that my 5 year old daughter says going to the dentist is as much fun as a birthday party!

Penelope R.

It’s like visiting family and not a Dentist’s office. Everyone is so friendly. I know I will get superior dental treatment plus the added hand spa is something I look forward to. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sayeg & his team. Keep up the great work!

Doretta E.

Everyone is so wonderful at your office, including you!! You all go out of your way to help with my father and his situation and I cannot tell you how much my family and I appreciate what you do for us. All of you provide exceptional service.

Pamela W.

Dr. Mark Sayeg I’m so please with you and your Staff. Thanks again for making me Smile again. you’all go that extra mile to make sure your client is comfortable, thanks for the paraffin wax thumbs up.

Lillie C.

Dr. Sayeg definitely has patient’s best interest in mind when discussing treatment options. I REALLY appreciate that.

David C.

You are a very friendly and welcoming group! I enjoyed meeting every single one of you and appreciate your demeanor and professionalism. THANKS!

Montse C.

I asked my boyfriend if it’s possible to be in love with a dentist office (lol). My experience was great. It’s nice to deal with an honest practice, and with friendly, professional people who care about the patient, not just about the money.

Veronica A.

Dr. Sayeg and his team always make my family feel very comfortable and make the dental experience enjoyable…even for a 4 year old! Thanks so much!

Sydney L.

Dr. Sayeg did a fantastic job on all my teeth, and he fixed a discolored tooth in the front of my mouth and I am thrilled!!!!!!!!!!! Love this office. Everyone one is sweet, friendly and fun.

Maureen H.

I always feel like I am getting the best care for my teeth which is what is most important. I also like knowing that if I wanted cosmetic updates I would be in good hands, but it is not pushed on me in any way. The staff is very friendly (receptionists and every hygienist I have seen in addition to Dr. Sayeg himself), and I love having the TVs in each room as a distraction! Additionally, it is so nice having email confirmations in addition to phone confirmations. I think the only draw back is that I moved since I started care there, so it is a bit of a drive for me now, but I think it’s worth it!

Stephanie C.

I always have a great experience here. I LOVE that I come in the door sit for 2 seconds and get seen right away. As a mom this really helps me out. So thanks for your speediness!

Megan H.

Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist. And bear in mind that I’m not one who dreads dental appointments. The face-to-face consult with Dr. Sayeg before ever getting to the chair was appreciated, as was the cheerful and professional staff. I am impressed.

Todd S.

Everyone was extremely pleasant. It was the best visit to a dentist office that I’ve ever had.

Reginald W.

The dental hygienist was especially nice. Also taking the tour of my mouth on the overhead tv was interesting-I’ve never seen such close ups!

Carolyn J.

The best part is Dr Sayeg is just a wonderful man and I have always felt well cared for never pressured into having anything done. He cares about your teeth, but he cares about the person too.

C King.

Your state of the art equipment (interior views of my teeth projected on the TV) was extremely beneficial to me.You pointed out dental “situations” in my mouth that I have never understood. The warm and friendly demeanor of the staff is especially relaxing and pleasurable.

Lynn H.

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